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FTC Credit Rule
Could Signal
More Shredding

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking comments on a proposed rule that would relate to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
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Iron Mountain Lost Worker Data
Lost computer tape puts 600,000 Time Warner employee records at risk of identity theft.
Time Warner announced Monday that 600,000 of its employee records were lost on the way to a secure storage facility.
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Stop Paying By The Minute! Would you pay employees by the minute?

Blue Ridge Shredding offers fair and easy to understand pricing designed to take the guess work out shredding rates. Companies who use services that charge “Per Minute” quickly discover the pit falls of this billing method. Monitoring and routine auditing are extremely difficult to determine if billing is fair and accurate. Most invoices are rounded up not down. Per minute operations are prone to billing inconsistencies as well as utilize slower mobile shredders which by default only serve to increase billing rates.

Our pricing structure is simple to monitor and effective. Flat rate and per pound pricing allows you to accurately budget, monitor, and receive the best possible pricing.

Regardless of the billing method you select, all regular service clients will enjoy the benefits of a Service Agreement which guarantees pricing and serves as proof of your organizations commitment of ensure proper disposal of sensitive materials by a certified document destruction professional.

Blue Ridge Document Shredding adds value, trust, and security to your organization by providing secured document and materials shredding at competitive prices.

Remember, all scheduled service clients have access to our exclusive “Compliance Pack” to aid in the development and integration of internal document controls, procedures, and safeguards to ensure regulatory compliance – A MUST FOR BUSINESSES OF ANY SIZE!

These sample templates of Document Control and Handling Procedures will service as a guide to develop compliant internal controls to safeguard your company from potential liability.

Free audit and cost analysis of your current shredding needs and existing program.

One Time or Purge Service

The purge services are price per pound. See the chart below for weight by approximate volume.

Save an additional 20% by using our PICK UP PURGE SERVICE. There is no need for you to bring your materials to us and no need for us to be on site for hours, we can pick your materials from any location within your building and transport them to our facility in enclosed, locked trucks at no additional charge.

How Much Does a Box Usually Weigh?

1 Cu. Storage Box 2 Cu. Storage Box
1 Cu. Storage Box
12" x 15"
Approximately 30 Lbs.

2 Cu. Storage Box
15" x 24"
Approximately 50 Lbs.

50 Lbs. Capacity
28" x 20" x 21"

100 Lbs. Capacity
37" x 20" x 21"

250 Lbs. Capacity
40" x 26.5" x 28"