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FTC Credit Rule
Could Signal
More Shredding

The Federal Trade Commission is seeking comments on a proposed rule that would relate to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
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Iron Mountain Lost Worker Data
Lost computer tape puts 600,000 Time Warner employee records at risk of identity theft.
Time Warner announced Monday that 600,000 of its employee records were lost on the way to a secure storage facility.
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Blue Ridge Shredding offers several types of services available to meet your needs at your location or ours.

Scheduled Reoccurring Service - Daily, weekly, monthly scheduled shredding services are available. With this program, several sizes of stylish and office friendly consoles are provided FREE of charge to easily collect and secure all sensitive materials designated for shredding.

Pick Up Service - We offer a convenient and secured pick up service. Many of our clients utilize this service for its additional savings and flexibility. With our Pick Up service materials are collected and securely transported to our facility for destruction. Each console will be serviced by our professional, bonded and insured staff that must pass both a national criminal background investigation and drug screening. All materials collected via our Pick Up service are destroyed within hours of pick up. A Certificate of Destruction is provided with each pickup.

Purge Service - For those requiring annual, one-time or occasional shredding service, we offer a specially priced purge program.

Materials Elimination-Not Just Paper- We can protect your company from possible theft by destroying inventory that is overstocked, out of spec, damaged or outdated.

We specialize in the elimination of all types of materials and products including:

Our Services• Uniforms
• Labels
• CD’s
• Laptops
• A/V Cassettes
• Plastics
• ID cards
• Cell Phones
• Textiles
• Counterfeit goods and material

Recycling Services – 100% of all shredded material is recycled. In addition, Montgomery County and District of Columbia clients can take advantage of our recycling compliance program where we track, compile, and generate annual recycling reports for your organization as required under the 1993 Montgomery County Executive Order 109-92 and the DC Solid Waste Management and Multi-material Recycling Act of 1988. Additional collection consoles are placed to collect plastics, cans, and cardboard. With each service visit recyclable materials will be removed from your site and properly recycled in a convenient and sanitary manner. We will catalog and record the total weight volume of your recyclables for your organizations annual recycling report

Compliance Pack – It is vital for organizations of any size to implement internal controls to mitigate against potential legal and civil liability. The question we hear the most is “How and where do I begin?”

We have created an exclusive, easy to use Compliance Pack for our clients to assist with the development, implementation, and promotion of ISO friendly Document Handling Controls, Policies, and Procedures. Included in the Compliance Pack are sample templates of:

• Handling Procedures
• Retention Polices
• Retention Periods and Disposal Schedules
• Document Creation and Revision Procedures
• Document Approval Flow Charts


  • Shredding takes place in our trucks at your location, before it leaves your control.
  • Our shredders quickly render documents and materials into small unrecognizable strips.
  • You or someone you designate may witness the entire process.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided as proof your documents are destroyed.
We thoroughly screen every employee prior to being hired, including investigations of criminal records, personal credit, driving records, employment history as well as drug screening.

No Prep Need

  • There's no need to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips, file folders, report covers or Acco-type metal fasteners. You save time and money.
  • Our free locked containers are strategically placed throughout offices for accessibility. Each container is monitored by usage and recommendations are made to ensure the most efficient and economical solution for your business on an ongoing basis.
  • Shredding can also take place directly from your File and Banker's boxes.
  • We provide itemized invoices of our services that can be charged to your American Express, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Night, Weekend, and Holiday services are available for file purge and office relocation projects, minimizing disruptions in your workplace.
  • No contract is required. Service can begin within 24 hours.

  • Significantly reduces your in-house shredding costs and frees your staff for more important work.

  • What we can shred in minutes what it would take hours to do with an office shredder.

  • You save on labor and costly file storage space.

  • Unlike other services, we charge a flat rate by the container or per pound not the minute.

  • Because you can't control the speed at which our people or shredders work.

  • Your liability is reduced by complying with privacy laws.